Momentum conservation for explosions is very simlar to the Momentum: Collisions. In a collison the different forces come together or bounce away from each other, but in a explosion an object is destoryed and the object breaks off into smaller piece in different directions. In both cases that Momentum conservation still holds true.Law of Conservation of Momentum is actually derived from Newton's First Law of Motion. And the equation itself actually comes from Newton's Second Law of Motion, which is P=mv.


Momentum is a basic measurement of motion. It is determine by the mass and the velocity of the object in motion. In the equation it is also referred to as the Potatoe salad, or the toe factory :3

Momentum Conservation in a ExplosionEdit

Victor physics

Explosion of a firecracker

In a explosion, there is an internal impulse which sends different part of the system or object into different directions. All these little parts make many different vectors. And if the sum of all these vectors add up, to find the final momentum, then it should also equal to the intial momentum. The main idea is that the totalnet force much be the same as when it first starts from before the explosion and after the explosion. Because of the fact that this is a closed system with no external forces in the way, the momentum doesn't change.

Example of Momentum Conservation: Explosion ProblemEdit

All objects before and explosion, initially start at rest. After and during the explosion, the objects fly away in different directions and in different speeds. Momentum is always conserved, in this case, the intitial momentum for everything is zero. Knowing this, the final momentum should be zero too.An exmaple, would be a cannon on a frictionless ground shooting a cannon ball. The initial momentum is zero, because nothing is moving. After the explosion inside the cannon, the cannon ball will be shot foward at a very fast speed, while the cannon itself recoils in a much slower speed, but with alot more mass. In the end the the final momentum will also end up to zero, this makes the intial momentum and the final momentum the same, which shows that energy was conserved. Look at the examples shown below. Victor physics2Victor physics1



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