"A lawsuit that accused McDonald's food of contributing to young customers."

House Bans Fast Food Lawsuits

I don't think they should get in trouble. In this case, nobody put a gun to his head.

"The next day, the police removed the balls from the ball pit and found rotten food, half-eaten candy, diapers, feces, the stench of urine, and several hypodermic needles."

This is crazy

I would not think that this could ever happen! all the Mcdonald's ball pits should be taken away. Kids dying this way is crazy.

Perhaps instead of taking out all the ball pits, they should be watched over and cleaned. I think the play pens should have their own maintenance services to make sure that the kids playing in it are safe. I don't think that kids should really be playing there all the time, because that is a place to eat not to play. McDonalds just uses the play place to bring kids in so that they can make more money.

When it comes to people eating Mcdonalds and getting sick, I can relate to it because I have recently gotten sick from Mcdonalds food. I was sick in the hospital to my stomach because of McDonalds. I would have never thought that would happen to me, but ever since then I haven't eaten in Mcdonalds. I think that ALL FAST FOOD ADS SHOULD BE BANNED FROM AIRING DURING KID TELEVISION SHOWS.

Cleanliness Edit

In every resteraunt the manager alwyas wants their customers to be happy with the food and the place itself because nobody will eat in a nasty place filed with vermon and roaches. A lot of people don't like others to touch their food unless the employees have washed their hands. That is why in the bathrooms they usually say "Wash your hands after using the bathroom. Thank you"

Also the resteraunt's food should not be spoiled or rotten because if someone gets very ill or dies from the food the family can sue the manager of the resteraunt.

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