Degrade the environment. To bring the environment to a lower state of what it use to be. Take advantage of the environment.

Environmental degradation is when an environment someone is controlled. It’s when people try to change the land and the people living in the land. It’s also, when people try to hurt or damage the land in some way that can harm living creative or be something that is slavery or torture.

When disaster caused by the acts of humans which result in change of the surroundings where the humans live the change spreads for a long time which causes consequences which can involve in a lot of humans plants and animals being killed and it can lead to the evacuation of there surroundings.


"People on Vieques, environmental and health experts throughout Puerto Rico, relate the abnormally high cancer rate to the environmental degradation caused by U.S. Navy and NATO bombing (the Navy "rents" Vieques to NATO and other countries for bombing practice) on this small Caribbean Island." -- Testimony by the COMITE PRO RESCATE Y DESARROLLO DE VIEQUES(COMMITTEE FOR THE RESCUE AND DEVELOPMENT OF VIEQUES) before the United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Washington, DC May 6,1999



"Charred Garbage" by pulpolux flickr

This picture is good for environmental degradation because it show how humans are changing and destroying our environment by having so much trash that is not being recycled then burning the trash which causes pollution.


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