I'd say that I am average in my knowledge and usage of computers and technology. However, seeing as how I teach in a high school that focuses on computers and technology, I am trying to find ways to incorporate more of this into my own teaching. I also want to educate myself and learn more.

With blogs, I am hoping to set up a forum where my students can respond/reflect/question/comment on what is going on in class. I want to create departments, such as "A question I have" and "My thoughts on," that students can go to in order to write their thoughts and ideas. I want to give students the opportunity to respond and help each other, especially outside the time limits set by the school day. They would be able to blog at any time of the day or night as the need arises. By May, I hope to have these sites up and running and my students using them. I am thinking of this semester as my "trial and error" term, and hopefully will ready to use blogging next school year as an important part of my curriculum.