It's your party,I can cry if I want to.

Most learning, in my early life at least, has come fairly easily to me. Sitting in my bloggin' class last month I was pretty frustrated and I began to speculate about those students for whom learning does not come so readily. Are they sitting in the classroom, eyes glazed over, heads ready to explode, bodies prepared to spontaneously combust? No wonder idle chit chat, clowning and outright disruption result. After all, I have a long history of academic success and some hope that attentiveness, application and sheer stubbornness will allow me to triumph. Many of them have no such experience to draw upon.

I hope this experience serves to make me more empathetic with the plight of the struggling learner. I am certainly a struggling learner when it comes to blogging. "Frustration" does not really do justice to the feelings that I have surrounding my learning curve. Every muscle in my body is clenched by three o'clock on the first Saturday of every month. I strive to understand the concept of a blog and to assiduously note-take as I simultaneously attempt to follow instructions and create whatever it is we are creating that day. Yet, I go home and find I am unable to reproduce the products of the day's work.

Well we're moving on again and I will scurry to catch up. --Christineb 11:44, 5 Feb 2005 (PST)