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Welcome to our Wiki-Tech Page.

Please Login, then click on your User name, go to Edit, and revise your "about me" text.

Be sure you can use the following Wiki skills:Edit

Headings. Edit

Your profile needs to have at least 4 Headings.

  == Headline text == 

Internal Links (Creates new pages)Edit

You need 3-5 internal links in your profile.

  [[Put 2 brackets around meaningful, interesting words
that might make good titles for new articles.]] 

External Links Edit

You need 3-5 external links in your profile. Link from words in your profile to web sites that relate to those words. Find sites that are important to you... that would help someone understand who your are.

  Once you find a site that you want to link to,
copy the URL or address, then go back to your profile.
Highlight a word or group of words, then hit the
External Link icon at the top. 

This is what you need for you link to work: 
[ link title]

For example, a link to the ESCHS web site
looks like this:
The example, above, produces this: ESCHS

Category Tags Edit

Please put this Category Tag at the bottom of your User Page: (You can copy it from here.)
 [[Category:East Side Community High School User]]

When you finish with your profile either: Edit

  1. Write your Artist's statement if you have a painting in the City Escapes exhibit.
  2. Go to another user from this class, click on a red link, and write a story about that person. Use the title of the link as your prompt. What can you say about this person using this title for the story?

Nowhere Girl Edit

Do you have 7 done with 4 responses? Here's the assignment.